What To Avoid When Making Vape Juice

While there is still much controversy as to the healthiness of vaping over smoking, vaping still offers an array of options and alternatives that make it a better option to smoking. Vape juice is made up of four major ingredients; propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavoring. While ingredients like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) used in making vape juice are federally approved as safe for consumption, additional ingredients like flavor concentrates may be harmful to your health. 

If you are going to be making your own vape juice, you will need to know what ingredients to avoid. Even if you are buying commercial ejuice, there are some ingredients you want to avoid. To do this, you have to first know about vape juice, its components, and the ingredients you should avoid.

What To Avoid When Making Vape Juice

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene glycol or PG is a base ingredient used in making vape juice to give it better flavor and to improve the throat hit. Propylene glycol is already an ingredient used in many of the products we use on a day to day basis. It is FDA approved as safe for consumption. You can find PG as an additive in different medications, and also as an essential ingredient of food coloring. 

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Vegetable glycerin or VG is also a base ingredient used in making vape juice. VG on its own is a dense liquid, as a result, it is used to make the vape juice thicker, which in turn allows the vape juice to provide thick and dense flavor. Vegetable glycerin, together with propylene glycol or PG makes for a more enjoyable vaping experience. Just like PG, vegetable glycerin is also used in your everyday commercial products. 

Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are completely harmless. However, you should exercise caution the first time you take vape juice containing them as they may cause allergic reactions. This is especially for propylene glycol. Some of the allergic reactions include dore and tingling throat, irritations on the body. 


Diketones is an ingredient used in food products to give it a creamy and buttery flavor. The same applies to vape juice. Diketones is a substance widely believed to have detrimental effects on humans, and as a result should not be used as an ingredient in vape juice. Most manufacturers do not disclose information concerning using diketones in their products. 

While the testing of diketones is mandatory, it is not the same case as the law goes for inhalable products like vape juice. As a result, it is quite difficult to find the right information about vape juices that are free of diketone. 

What To Avoid When Making Vape Juice


Diacetyl is a harmful substance that is not ideal for consumption, and especially not ideal to be vaped. Diacetyl was used as an additive to create a buttery flavor in microwave popcorn. Diacetyl is directly responsible for “popcorn lung” or bronchiolitis which happens  after inhaling high amounts of the substance for a long time. 

Fragrance Oils 

You should avoid products that contain a large percentage of oils, as well as all oil-based ejuice. This applies if you are making ejuice yourself or buying commercial products. Research has proven that inhaling fragrance oils may affect your respiratory system by damaging your lungs. In the long run, it could lead to chronic lung illness.


Caffeine itself is not good for your health as it does not pass through your digestive system, rather, it goes directly into your bloodstream. When you ingest caffeine in the form of ejuice, it is impossible to control the amount you are taking. Since you cannot control the amount you will be taking in, and too much caffeine can lead to seizures, fast heart rate, even loss of consciousness, it is best to avoid it. 

When choosing ejuice, you should take note of the ingredients and avoid any of the ingredients that prove harmful. If you are making ejuice yourself, it is easier to control these ingredients. In addition to knowing what ingredients to avoid, buying ingredients from reputable manufacturers like flavorah also ensures that you get high-quality ingredients tailored for vaping.

Lemon Tart E-Liquid by Dinner Lady Review

Dinner lady has an array of exciting e-liquid flavors that will not just tickle your sweet tooth but also satisfy your craving. With its headquarters in the United Kingdom, Dinner Lady focuses on providing vapers just like you with an array of premium quality e-liquids.

Lemon Tart E Liquid by Dinner Lady Review

Talking about Dinner Lady brings us to one of their e liquids that stands out from every other average vape juice. Lemon Tart is a promising dessert vape juice. It features an exciting blend of sugared slices of fresh lemons filled in between layers of flaky pie crust topped with a generous amount of fresh whipped cream. One of the best lemon flavored vape juices you will ever taste. You will be serving yourself a bucket load of sweet vapor once you get a taste.

Now the fun. When you inhale this e-liquid, you get a rush of the mouth-watering lemon flavor. After which the rich crusty pie flavor jumps out to ease down the tartness of the lemon flavor. All this to give you a remarkable vape. The lemon in this vape juice is just the perfect amount, not too strong but just the right amount of subtle. On the exhale, you get to bask on the sugary and creamy flavor. A flavor combination that will send your taste buds to vape heaven. It’s a flavor that you cannot get tired of.

Lemon Tart E Liquid by Dinner Lady Review

Regardless of your vape preference, Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady is available in varying nicotine strengths. You can choose a bottle with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. So, if you are a vaper with no preference at all for nicotine, then you can go for a bottle with 0mg. This is also for vapers who are managing their nicotine consumption. However, if you are all about a solid nicotine hit, then feel free to dare a bottle with 6mg of nicotine. Fill your vape juice in your device and enjoy smooth and solid throat hits.

Dinner Lady makes this vape juice with premium quality vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). They make use of a 70/30 vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio that makes this Dinner Lady vape juice all the more special. Being a high VG blend, it is thick enough to produce thick and full clouds of vapor after each drag. It does not gunk up your coils as fast as most vape juice so you do not have to bother about constantly cleaning up. Its high-quality PG ratio is what is responsible for the intense flavor output and clean throat hit.

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How Do I Make Vape Juice

Are you tired of the flavours you are getting from your local vape store? Maybe you want to experience a more personalized vape. You probably have a recipe that you think will be great to vape but unfortunately you cannot find something like that in the already existing e-juices. What you need to do is get right on to begin making your very own vape juice.

Vaping has come about as an effective substitute to traditional cigarettes in a bid to help reduce the harmful side effects from an addictive habit. Regardless, it does not come entirely free. You still have to foot some bills like purchasing a vape device or devices, and then buying as many e-juice varieties as you want. While you can use your device for a long time before you might be thinking of changing, e-juices can be exhausted, and depending on just how frequent you vape, you will find yourself needing a shelf of this. This is one of the many reasons enthusiastic vapers look for a better alternative like learning how to make vape juice.

Making your own e-juice may seem like a daunting task if it is your first time, or if you have previously tried but failed. This simple guide can as a reference to help you in your journey into the world of personalized e-juices, so you get to have fun while experimenting, and even save up some extra cash in the process.

What Are the Supplies I need?

While making your own vape juice does not have to do with any serious chemical reactions whatsoever, regardless, you still need to practice proper safety. Here are some of the supplies that you will need:

  1. Empty Plastic Bottles with Childproof Cap

If it is your first time, it will be better to use a plastic bottle so you do not spend so much on that. A cheap plastic bottle is just as effective as the more expensive ones. Just make sure you always use clean equipment every time or you may end up running your e-juices flavor with residues from previous experiments.

  1. Syringes

You will need to get separate syringes for each type of ingredient that you will be introducing to your e-juice mixture so as to get accurate measurements. Make sure to mark them so you do not mix them up. Syringes will also come in handy when you are using bottles with small openings.

  1. Tissue Paper or Napkins to help you clean up any excess e-juice that spills
  2. A Pair of Gloves

You need the gloves because you will be working with chemicals, especially nicotine which is easily absorbed upon contact with the skin, and can cause a skin rash.

  1. Goggles/Face Shield to protect your eyes, especially if you will be making serious amounts of e-juice.

Ingredients to Make E-juice

Generally, there are 5 ingredients used to make vape juice. Any additions or subtractions will depend on your preference.

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG)
  2. Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  3. Distilled Water or Vodka
  4. Flavoring
  5. Nicotine

How to Make Vape Juice

Step 1. Prepare Your Nicotine

You will need to figure out just the right volume of nicotine that will be required for the e-liquid to achieve the desired percentage. You can use an online calculator or a smartphone app to make this much easier for you.

Make sure to ass a little less than the amount recommended by your e-juice calculator because too much nicotine can ultimately ruin your e-juice. It is much safer to add more nicotine according to the taste after you have already steeped.

Step 2. Prepare Your Desired Flavors

Here, you get to express the vape artist in you, and with manufacturers like flavorah it is much easier to find quality flavor extracts that are designed to produce exceptional flavour. If you are making an entirely new flavor profile, then you will need to consider everything you do because flavor can either make or ruin your e-juice. If it is your first time, it is more advisable that you use just one or two flavors. You can build from there as you get better.

Also make sure you add a little less than what your e-juice calculator gives you. It is much better to have less flavor and then adding more flavoring according to taste after steeping.

Step 3. Prepare The Base

Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol form the base for your e-juice. You can choose any ratio depending on your recipe. You should also consider that diluted nicotine also contains some levels of VG or PG.

Step 4. Mix The Blend

Once all your ingredients are ready, mix them in your bottle and shake it more than enough.

How Do I Make Vape Juice

Step 5. Steeping Your E-juice

Most e-juices actually taste better when steeped, although you can choose either to or not to steep. It is more a matter of personal preference. You can try out the e-juice immediately you are done, if it tastes good to you then you may consider not steeping.


While the idea of making your own vape juice comes might sound too much of a bother, but in actual sense, you get to save time and money. You can consider buying the supplies as an investment because you will not be spending that much ever again, plus you get to save more money and have a ton of e-juice for you to enjoy. It may be frustrating in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you will be making vape juice like a pro in no time.